Commercial Snow and Ice Management

Premier Patio and Landscape, LLC utilizes it’s fleet of trucks and loaders to perform commercial snow and ice management in the off season.  Premier Patio and Landscape excels in commercial snow and ice property management by using the best and most reliable equipment available.  Our trucks take advantage of the Western Wideout 8-10′ power scoop plows.  Our Loaders are equipped with over sized snow buckets.  Western Wideout plows are the most efficient snow plows on the market today.  Through the use of these power plows and large snow buckets our snow and ice management team is capable of clearing more snow in less time which allows our pricing to remain low without affecting the quality apparent in the end result.

Snow and Ice management is something that is taken very seriously at Premier Patio and Landscape.  We strive to keep entire parking lots and roadways clear of snow and ice because we understand the liability issues associated with falls resulting in injury.  Our salting crew is often deployed before and after an “event” ensuring that asphalt is always visible and clear of snow and ice.

F-350 Equipped with Western Wideout Power Plow

The commercial properties we manage experience the best snow and ice management services because of our thoroughness and attention to detail.  Our snow plow operators are mindful to leave sight lines clear while minimizing the number of parking stalls used to pile snow.  The loader operators are trained and experienced in clearing lots from curb to curb.

Premier Patio and Landscape is on the job around the clock on weekends and holidays, whenever the snow falls.  Our dedicated team is always ready to work.  We pay close attention to the weather and are ready in a moments notice.

Premier Patio and Landscape has experience billing for this service several ways and can work with property managers to meet budgets and specific needs.  In the past, monthly accounts have been the most popular because our clients know what to expect each month and can easily budget for it.  In recent years, however, Premier Patio and Landscape has converted most commercial properties accounts to a per event or hourly basis for snow removal services while salting remains priced by the ton.  The reason for this change is fairly obvious.  In the last few years we, in Shakopee, Minnesota have experienced both record snow falls and severe droughts.  This type of billing almost always results in one side over paying because we can no longer safely bid projects based on yearly averages.  The most fair approach for everyone is to bill for the time spent on these services so we can avoid charging the same amount one month for zero services performed as we charge the next month when our crews are needed full time to keep up with record snowfalls.

Snow and Ice Management Equipment


Our snow and ice management team is always growing and is currently looking for more clients.  Premier Patio and Landscape has serviced several prominent companies like Cub Foods and Medtronic along with many shopping and business centers and remains interested many types of new clientele.  Call today to in order to get on next year’s schedule .