Fire Pits

Add Enjoyment to any Landscape with a New Fire Pit

Fire Pits are becoming more and more popular with our clients in Shakopee, Mn.  Fire pits can take many shapes and be constructed using many different materials.  Premier Patio and Landscape installs both wood and gas burning fire pits.

Gas Fire Pit

Most of the fire pits Premier Patio and Landscape installs consist of a steel ring surrounded by decorative stone or brick.  Most of these fire pits are installed within a Brick Patio making them ideal for entertaining family and friends.  In Shakopee, Mn there is nothing like the warmth of a nice bonfire in the late fall and winter months.

Wood Burning Brick Fire Ring

The Landscape Design team at Premier Patio and Landscape designs all types of fire pits from very simple fire rings to the most elaborate and unique fire places.  See Photo Gallery for larger photo files.


We are considerate to our customers needs and often times Design brick patios and gathering areas to fit portable fire pits.  Portable fire pits are a popular choice for our customers in Minneapolis, Mn because of the smaller lot sizes and strict city codes which require permanent fire pits to be forty five feet away from a structure, often eliminating the permanent option.  There aren’t any guideline as to how far away a portable needs to be from a structure.  If the guidelines or city codes change then you can simply move it. Another advantage to a portable fire pit is very obvious…you can move it off of the patio surface when it’s not being used to allow for more room or an extra patio table and set of chairs.

Portable Fire Pit

Premier Patio and Landscape can custom build fire pit covers to most fire rings.  This a great way to get the most usable space out of your brick patio.  These fire ring covers also protect from falling into them in the dark or while children are playing.  Simply remove the cover to enjoy a bonfire or keep it covered to be able to place a table over it. A new fire pit or fireplace is a great addition to any Landscaping project.

Brick Fire Ring Cover