Drainage Improvements

Wet yard or basement?  Dry it out using drain tile!

Drain Tile is an easy and cost effective way to direct storm water away from your home’s foundation ensuring a dry basement.  Many of our customers in Minneapolis, Mn have water problems due in part to old foundations and poor grading.  Premier Patio and Landscape has helped many clients in St.Paul, MN to dry out their basements by redirecting storm water through the proper use of drain tile.  In some case, directing the storm water towards a Rain Garden is preferred.  Often times your city will even offer grant money to apply towards it’s installation.

The first step in addressing a water problem is to locate the source.  Most often, it is because of a poorly placed gutter in conjunction with poor grading.  In this case, you must first repair the slope of the yard.  Typically, it is necessary to add soil around the home’s foundation.  In doing so, you will create pitch away from the home directing water away from the foundation.  Premier Patio and Landscape recommends installing a landscape plastic around the home once the grade is adequately pitching away.  Landscaping plastic will help ensure that the soil around the foundation stays dry while helping it to shed away faster and limit erosion.

Rain Catch Basin and Solid Drain Tile Connected to Gutter Downspout

There are two common types of drain tile, perforated and non-perforated or solid.  When directing water straight from a downspout or gutter you should use solid drain tile.  There can be a lot of water running through this drain pipe during heavy rains. Using a solid drain pipe for this type of application is recommended.

Connecting gutters and down spouts to a buried drain tile pipe will eliminate ugly tripping hazards while also keeping ice from accumulating across a Brick Paved walking surface which will lessen the odds of an accident or injury to a loved one or guest.  As a property owner in Shakopee, Mn you are responsible for slips and injuries that occur on your property.  Snow and Ice Management is important, but always remember: Never put salt on a concrete or brick surface.  Salt can destroy a Brick Driveway.

If the goal is to dry out a low lying wet spot in the yard or catch water coming from a neighbors downspout before it reaches your foundation, perforated drain tile should be used.  This is often called a french drain.  French drains are effective in catching surface water in order to dry out a low spot in a yard in order to increase usable space.  French drains are constructed by trenching through the wet area, laying a perforated drain tile pipe in the trench and filling around the drain pipe with rock.  The rock acts as a filter allowing the water to reach the pipe and be absorbed into the ground through the perforations in the drain tile. Landscape fabric should be laid on top of the layer of rock leaving room for soil and sod.  This fabric will keep soil from entering the rock filter allowing grass to grow over of this type of rock filled trench.

Buried Drain Tile Off of Downspouts