Brick Veneer Over Existing Concrete Steps

Give your existing concrete a facelift

Brick Paving goes farther than you may think.  Brick Veneers are a great way to improve the appearance of concrete while tying the steps into a new Brick Patio or Brick Walkway.

In some cases, most often because it doesn’t make sense to replace an existing set of concrete steps that is in good condition, we are able to adhere a brick veneer using concrete adhesive.  Brick veneers are only as good as the concrete they are adhered to.  Superficial cracks are acceptable, but when the cracks are significant enough replacement may be necessary.

Concrete Steps Before Brick Veneer

In the case of superficial cracking, our installation team will always fill any cracks with a silicone to prevent any water from getting in there and causing further damage.

Concrete Steps After Brick Veneer

Covering existing concrete steps will always require that any existing walkway is raised by the height of the veneer to keep a consistent step height.  This is important in trying to comply with city code with respect to step heights.  By adding a brick on each of the steps you are essentially raising the step height by the thickness of the brick paver. Without raising the height of the walkway that same paver thickness, the bottom step would be taller than the rest.  Notice that in this picture, we are able to compensate for that height change by raising the brick walkway accordingly.  Most, if not all, of our customers in Shakopee, Mn realize that replacing the walkway to match the new veneer is the most aesthetically pleasing solution.

Concrete Steps After Brick Veneer

It is easy for our customers in Minnetonka,Mn to justify the replacement of a concrete walkway when you consider how much money is saved by covering the existing concrete steps rather than a costly replacement.