Stairs and Steps

Modular and Stone Steps

Steps are a necessity in most Landscaping projects that have a change in elevation due the addition of a Retaining Wall or because of a sloping yard.  There are many styles and materials to choose from.  Rather than pouring concrete steps which will deteriorate over time, Premier Patio and Landscape recommends natural stone or modular block stairs.  Modular block steps will fit seamlessly into a new concrete block retaining wall whereas Natural Stone Steps work great within a boulder or stone wall.

Natural Stone Outcrop Steps

The advantage of natural stone slab steps and stone outcrop steps is that they are very heavy and are segmental by design so they can shift with the earth during our freeze-thaw cycles in Minnetonka, Mn.  Natural stone steps tend to stay in place, will last forever and wont show the impacts from salt like most concrete products.  There are several different styles and types of stone to choose from.  Chilton lannon and Fon-du-Lac, New York Bluestone and Granite are very popular with our customers.  This style works really well in conjunction with flagstone paths and boulder walls.  You can see in the picture that they compliment Brick Patios as well as more natural surroundings.  This type of stone step unit is typically installed using a bobcat because of their weight.  Most of the outcrop steps exceed three feet in width and two feet in depth.  They average around 600 pounds in weight.  Outcrop steps are the most natural looking option because of their irregular shape.

4' Chilton Stone Slab Steps


Another “natural” stone option is a stone slab.  Typically, stone slab steps are uniform in size and can either be three or four feet in width.  Both options are very popular in a natural setting such as a lakefront.

Modular concrete block steps are a solid choice when incorporating steps into a retaining wall.  Modular block steps allow for many different design options.  They allow our designers to create curved and straight staircases in any width they desire.  Our installation crews are able to saw cut these block in order to manipulate them to do anything the design requires.   This allows us to create many unique step features.

Modular Concrete Block Steps

Modular block steps are also superior to poured concrete steps because of their ability to move and shift without cracking.  Modular block steps are flat and perfectly uniform making them easier to walk on.  There are many types and styles of modular block to choose from and they come in dozens of colors so you are sure to find one that fits into your Landscape project and compliments your home or business.

Choosing the proper materials really comes down to the specific application or what the Landscape Design calls for.  The idea is to try and use a product that will not only look beautiful and is functional, but will work without creating much extra labor during the installation process which will drive up the cost unnecessarily.

Modular Concrete Block Steps with Bullnose Brick Treads

Our experienced landscape design team will be able to offer many solutions to any of your specific needs.