Landscape Edging

Landscape edging is an important element of any professional Landscape Design whether you are trying to define a space, control a wayward lawn or contain mulch or rock within a landscape bed.  There are many different options to choose from.  Black Jack Poly Edging, Brick edging, natural stone edging and concrete curb edging are some of the most popular choices in Minnetonka,MN.

brick "bullet" edging

Black Jack Poly edging was a very popular choice twenty years ago and it is still being used today in some commercial and even fewer residential Landscaping applications.  Because of its low cost Black Jack Poly edging is the most cost effective solution, however most of the time our customers have had plastic edging in the past and choose to replace it with a superior product.  The most common problem with plastic edging is that it will lift over time becoming prey for the lawnmower.  We see this all the time.

Brick and stone edging is far superior to black plastic edging.  Our customers in Shakopee, Mn prefer the look of natural stone edging.  Natural stone edging adds much beauty to a new landscape with it’s many colors and textures.  Natural stone edging will last forever, but is the most expensive choice due to the cost of stone.

Brick edging is another great option in Minneapolis,Mn. Brick edging really looks nice around a Brick Patio.   Both brick and stone edging are meant to lay flat and level with the lawn so that it is not hit with a lawnmower or cause for tripping.  The advantage of stone and brick edging is the weight and the flat surface area.  Brick and stone edging will tend to stay in place and offers a flat surface to mow over.  You can actually ride the lawnmower wheels across the top of the brick or stone surface which eliminates the struggle associated with mowing up against plastic lawn edging.  Brick edging is reasonably priced and will be a huge improvement on plastic edging.  There are many colors and textures to choose from.

Brick "3/4 Stone" Edging

Concrete curb edging is another popular choice.  However, concrete curb edging in Edina, Mn is not recommended.  Concrete curb edging tends to break apart under the stresses of Minnesota’s freeze-thaw cycles.  It looks great for the first year or so, then like all poured concrete surfaces it will crack and begin to deteriorate.

Concrete "Curb" Edging

Brick and stone edging, being segmental in design, are free to shift and move slightly with the earth throughout our changing seasons much like a Brick Driveway.

It is for this reason that brick and stone are structurally superior to the other options out there.  Please Contact Us today to learn more about landscape edging design ideas.

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