Grow a beautiful Garden

Plantings are a great way to add color, texture and interest to an otherwise drab environment.  Plantings will compliment any landscape installation.  Whether you are looking to add color, privacy, a vegetable/herb garden, a Rain Garden or fruit and shade trees Premier Patio and landscape can offer many Landscape Design ideas to fit your style and needs.

All of the plant materials that go into our projects are of the highest quality.  We only use plant materials from local nurseries and greenhouses like Gertens in Inver Grove Heights, MN.  Gertens has arguably the best quality plants and trees in the state.

All of our plant installations come with a one year, one time, replacement warranty.  Only negligence and acts of nature such as a rodent problem will void this warranty.  Premier Patio and Landscape suggests wrapping all young trees as well as all fruit trees.  Rabbits and deer can make a quick meal out of your fresh garden plants and trees.  If your garden is located in a high deer traffic area you should consider planting deer resistant plants and trees.

Our clients in Shakopee, Mn have very good luck with our quality plant installations.  There are very few plants and trees each year that require replacement because our Landscaping experts take every measure to ensure they make it.  All of our plantings are planted in over sized holes and backfilled with garden mix planting soil.  We hand select only the finest plants and trees from thousands to choose from.

Our experts at Premier Patio and Landscape are capable of maintaining your gardens through fertilization and pruning techniques that ensure healthy plants and trees year after year.   Our landscape crews are happy to provide weeding Services to any size garden or landscape bed.

Front Yard Planting Boxes

We have designed and constructed many types of planters and planting boxes to host various types of flowering perennials and annuals as well as edibles like herbs and vegetables. This front yard garden box in Shakopee,Mn consists of three different planting boxes all constructed using Borgert Strassen Retaining Wall block with a travertine stone cap.  These planters are filled with a garden mix planting soil to ensure healthy plantings every year.  Raised planters like this are ideal for maintaining because they limit the amount of leaning and bending over.  No more getting on your knees to pull weeds!