Transform your back yard into a relaxation sanctuary!


The addition of a pond, waterfall, or fountain is an excellent way to enhance both your outdoor and indoor living space. Either type of water feature will make any atmosphere seem more affluent, polished and cultured – as evidenced by their extreme popularity with both commercial businesses and residential homeowners. Not only are water features aesthetically pleasing, but their tranquil sounds help to alleviate stress, provide calm and block out the big city noise.

Building a pond or a waterfall is different from many other construction jobs simply because there are so many intricate details that go into producing the finished product. Although with any construction project there is an intense level of design and preparation, when constructing a pond or waterfall details such as what color the rocks are – and how the eventual flowers will look next to them, as well as how the feature blends in with the rest of the natural surroundings, are just as important as the blueprint for the physical design.

                                                                                                              Back Yard Pond and Waterfall

All of these subtle, yet integral details, are what create spectacular ponds, fountains and waterfalls.  To ensure that you have a design that best fits your personality and lifestyle, we will work through all of the construction and design options with you.  We will listen intently to what you want and make sure that is exactly what you get.

At Premier Patio and Landscape, we have highly trained professionals who are committed to providing you with the best water feature technology and design available.  Not only will we build your pond or waterfall, we will counsel you on what flora and fauna would fair best in the pond and/or waterfall environment and offer tips regarding waterfall and pond maintenance.   We  also believe in helping our customers after the project is completed, so if you have any questions post-production we’re always available. If you prefer, we can maintain it for you!

Our water features installation foreman is considered one of the few most knowledgeable specialists in Minneapolis/St.Paul area.  Our team also has experience installing pond-less waterfalls, fountains and bubbling rock and basalt fountains which offer all of the same attributes while limiting the maintenance of a standard pond.   Our team is familiar with both AquaScapes and EasyPro pond supplies.

               Front Yard Fountain

EasyPro and AquaScape pond supplies are among the best in the industry.   To a trained pond installer they are both easy to install and maintain.   EasyPro and AquaScape systems offer pond kits complete with underlayment fabric, pond liner, pump, skimmer, bio-falls, underwater lights and in some cases an electrical transformer making them an industry favorite.   They all feature an easy to remove net/basket system for catching and filtering debris helping to protect the pump and keep the the pond in clean working order.  The pump is housed inside the skimmer box and is easily removed for winter storage.   In some cases, if the pond is deep enough and the pump is strong enough, you are able to leave it running throughout the winter months.  This can create the most beautiful effect!  The partially frozen water fall with under water lighting can be stunning!


                                                                                                                                                              Back Yard Koi Pond


One of the best ways, other than using chemical treatments, to keep your water feature clean and mosquito free is to introduce fish.  Any goldfish will work but we recommend Koi.  Koi can be purchased at most pet stores and some garden centers such as Hedberg Aggregates in Plymouth, Mn.  To have a truly healthy pond ecosystem you must also introduce native pond plants such as water hyacinth or lily pads just to name a few.  This type of water garden will also provide a place for the fish to hide from predators like hawks and raccoons.  It is also a good idea to create caves and other structures under water as an extra protective measure.   In extreme cases of predatory protection we have used motion activated sprinklers near the pond to scare away animals seeking an easy meal.  The last ingredient in a healthy pond is, you guessed it, bacteria!


   Back Yard Water Feature


Beautiful Minneapolis,Mn water feature helps to drown out the big city noise.