Brick Driveways and Aprons

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Brick driveways and driveway aprons are both beautiful and functional.  In Minneapolis, Minnesota interlocking brick pavers are structurally and aesthetically superior to concrete and asphalt.  Interlocking brick pavers add color and texture to an otherwise dull paved surface while offering a much higher weight tolerance than any other option making them ideal for driving surfaces.  All of our brick driveways adhere to the strict installation guidelines set by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute(ICPI).

 Brick Driveway Apron in Shakopee, Mn

Brick Driveway Design Shakopee,Mn

In most instances, the whole driveway does not need to be replaced.  Most of the problems we encounter in Minnesota start and end with the driveway apron.  It is very common for the cinder block foundation to decay beneath the paved surface where the driveway meets the garage floor.  Through our experience in driveway replacements and installations we have developed our own proven and cost effective measures to repair a driveway apron without an extensive foundation repair.  Keep in mind that driveway replacement can be done in phases.  When budget or timing doesn’t allow, we can replace the apron and then return to finish the rest of the driveway the following year.  Please call today and speak with one of our talented landscape designers about the replacement of your existing driveway or apron and to view images of our many driveway projects.

Brick Driveway Design in Edina, Mn

Brick Driveway Design Ideas

Often in Edina, MN an entire driveway will need to be replaced due to the seasonal stresses.  One can only seal an asphalt driveway so many times and once concrete cracks there is no repairing it.  One of the best attributes of a brick driveway, besides the natural beauty, is that they last much longer than asphalt or concrete.   Rarely will brick pavers settle, but if they do they can be raised with minimal effort and expense.  It is very rare for a brick paver to crack, but if it happens you need only replace one inexpensive brick rather than the entire driveway.  Think of it this way-a brick driveway is much like a concrete driveway except they are engineered to have preexisting cracks and they are installed on a much better prepared pad of compacted granular base.  Because they are segmented bricks they are able to move and shift with the expanding and contracting earth during Minnesota’s freeze-thaw cycles.

Permeable Brick Driveways in Minnetonka, Mn

Another option one must consider when replacing a driveway in Minnetonka, Mn is to install a permeable brick paving system.  Permeable Bricks offer an Eco-Friendly alternative to impervious pavement.  Permeable bricks allow storm water and snow-melt to be absorbed and recycled into the ground rather than send it along with many pollutants into our sewer system and eventually into our lakes and rivers.   Permeable brick systems are designed to filter contaminants and keep them from reaching our drinking water and lakes.  Permeable bricks are ideal for parking lots, Patios, Walkways, driveways and low traffic roadways especially near a lake or lakefront.   There are many colors and patterns to choose from and nearly all brick manufacturers offer this type environmentally friendly brick paving option.  Some of the most popular choices areBelgard Subtera, Belgard Aqua-Bric, Belgard Eco-Brick, Anchor Holland Permeable, Borgert Aqua-Bric Ashlar, Willow Creek Brickstone Permeable and Willow Creek Aqua-Lok Permeable.

Brick Driveway Design Ideas in Maple Grove, Mn

Brick Driveway Design Maple Grove,Mn