Brick Paving

Brick paving offers many benefits in Minnesota


Brick paving has come a long way from the cobble stone paths, patios and driveways you may remember.  All of our brick paved surfaces adhere to the strict guidelines set by the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute(ICPI) and are sure to last a lifetime!   You can’t beat the durability or beauty of a Brick Patio or Brick Driveway in Shakopee, Mn.  Edina, Minnesota has some of the most severe winters and freeze-thaw cycles which are proven to cause significant damage to concrete and asphalt paved surfaces.   Brick paved driveways and patios hold up under the extreme forces of freeze-thaw cycles because they are segmented in design and are able to move and shift with the earth rather than crack and split under these types of pressures.   Do not replace or repair your old concrete or asphalt  driveway with more of the same when brick pavers offer a superior and lasting alternative.

Permeable Brick Pavers, besides being structurally and aesthetically superior to common impervious paved surfaces, offer a “Green” environmentally friendly option.  Permeable brick paved surfaces allow for storm water and snow-melt to be filtered and recycled into the ground rather than send that water along with its pollutants directly into our storm sewers and eventually into our streams, rivers and lakes.  In Minnetonka, Mn parking lots, driveways and low traffic roads are ideal areas to use permeable bricks-especially if they are near a lake or lakefront.

Brick Paving Landscape Design Ideas

Brick Walkway, Brick Patio, Brick Driveway Apron, Concrete Wall and Columns


In Shakopee, MN our professional Landscaping installers are able to seamlessly fit together this brick walkway with a brick patio and brick driveway apron.   This landscape design also incorporates a decorative Freestanding Sitting Wall and a bubbling rock fountain Water Feature.  Our installation and design teams have keen eyes for details which help ensure our Landscape Designs stand above the rest of any Minnesota landscape companies.


Brick Driveway Apron, Brick Walkway, Brick Patio, Concrete Wall and Column

Pave over existing concrete 

Occasionally, when existing concrete steps are in good condition and there is enough room below the door to still allow it to open, we are able to adhere bricks as a veneer using concrete adhesive.  Paving over existing concrete steps in Shakopee, Minnesota is an aesthetically pleasing and cost effective way to improve the appearance in order to match a new Brick Walkway or Brick Patio.  This type of brick paving  will almost certainly require that any previously existing walkway be replaced to ensure code compliance with regard to step heights.   Call today to discuss your landscaping ideas with one of our landscape designers.