Landscaping Design Ideas and Installation


Premier Patio and Landscape,LLC is your one stop shop. Located in Shakopee,Mn Premier Patio and Landscape offers award winning Landscape Designs and installations that include all of the many traditional landscaping Services you are familiar with.  Whether you are looking to improve an existing landscape or you are starting from scratch with new construction, Premier Patio and Landscape can help develop your landscaping ideas into a landscape reality.

Upgrade an Existing Front Yard Landscape

Stamped concrete walkway, fieldstone boulder walls, fresh new plants, mulch and garden edging

This residential landscape project in Lakeville, Mn began with a complete tear-out.  The previously existing concrete block retaining walls and concrete sidewalk were recycled into base material while the overgrown plants, some lawn and soil were brought to a local compost site.  We try and make a conscious effort to recycle everything that we can, limiting our waste and overall impact on the environment.

This beautiful landscape installation boasts a stamped concrete walkway and gathering area surrounded by fresh new plantings in shredded hardwood mulch.  All of this is contained using brick edging.  Brick or stone edging is a fabulous upgrade from the overused  plastic(poly) edging.  This type of brick edging will last the tests of time while eliminating the need for weed whipping around the edges.  Simply run the lawnmower wheels across the top. Say goodbye to lawnmower damage done to black plastic edging.

 New Construction Landscaping Design Ideas

Chilton stone wall, fresh plantings in decorative garden rock

This example of a “New Construction” landscape design in Blaine, MN required much grading as it was a dirt lot before we arrived.  In any new construction you must first create contour and pitch away from the homes foundation.  Grading is a vital and often overlooked requirement as it ensures a dry and lasting foundation.  We recommend installing landscape plastic around the home as an extra measure to shed water away.  If the grade isn’t properly addressed, plastic can actually have an adverse effect and direct water towards the home resulting in many unwanted problems.  Once the grade is appropriate the landscape installation can begin.  This stone Retaining Wall and steps are constructed out of Chilton wall stone.  Fresh plantings and new sod complete this project nicely.

Lakefront Landscape Design, Minnetonka,Mn

Lakefront Landscaping

Designing a landscape near a lake or on a waterfront property can be especially challenging.  Any time you work near water special consideration must be taken to ensure you protect the wetlands.  Designated wetlands are off limits to any kind of disturbance including landscaping improvements without permission from the local and state agencies including the DNR.  While most lakefront properties are not classified as designated wetlands, one must consider the impacts that even a manicured lawn can have on water quality, native plants and wildlife.  We recommend that no more than 25% of the shoreline should ever be altered unless the goal is to create a naturalized shoreline.  Naturalized shorelines help to minimize erosion, protect water quality, enhance wildlife habitat, improve aesthetics and reduce maintenance.

Lakefront Landscaping Ideas

Our design team will make sure to maximize the enjoyment you receive from the landscaping improvements you choose to make to the 25% of shoreline that is acceptable to enhance.  A small Brick Patio and Brick Walkway leading to a dock or beach is very common.  Most of our lakefront projects include a Fire Pit of some sort, beach sand and native Plantings.  It is important in all cases but especially near a lake to choose materials that fit the environment.  Boulders and natural stone are the best option, but as you can see brick pavers will work nicely for a gathering area or path.